Christopher Claudius

I am an Entrepreneur, Digital Technologist and Creative Director. I love the thrill of launching a start-up and I love diving deep into meditation and self enquiry. Profesionally speaking, I can help clients bring alive an idea or concept needing digital strategy, creative direction or content production.


I offer big brands and small firms alike, digital strategy including consulting on  design and build of web and mobile applications, digital payments, cloud computing and full service digital marketing.

I can help smaller start-ups and businesses set up websites and ecommerce using WordPress, Wix, Ghost, Magento, Joomla and help them monetise their online business and content, integrate email marketing, social media plugins and integrate CRM systems like Salesforce
and accounting systems like XERO.

If you are a small business I may help you at a reasonable cost, if, your coming from the heart.

If you are a big firm or brand looking to do a big digital project and need a strategist or consultant then please contact me via Linkedin.


I  have over 15 years experience in media production including; video, digital and music at agency level and as freelance.

As a creative director / content producer,
I prefer to work on projects that have a sizeable budget as I’d rather bring in world class ideas and cutting edge creatives to the table to collaborate on delivering high impact, compelling content that creates a lasting impression on its audience.
I am able to put together a production team for any type of vibe, be it corporate, fashion, music, technology, entertainment or art.

If you are looking for content creation for your social media channels and YouTube, I’ll be delighetd to discuss some of your requirements and pitch some ideas.

I have worked with global brands, corporations, start-ups and SME’s across multiple verticals globally.

I strive to create the desirable, and transform the undesirable.



I’ve known Christopher since 2006, and we’ve done business together and become friends. He is highly ambitious, innovative, detail orientated and has the ability to predict future trends in digital. 

Zeeshan Mallick

Digital Marketing in blockchain, ICO & cryptocurrency advisor.

CEO YouYaa

Chris gave me my first opportunity in Digital, when I was fresh out of Uni, I have him to thank for my career. Chris is entrepreneurial, charismatic and a visionary, he was creating brilliant digital experiences at Channel 7 Media before the established agencies even knew what digital was.

Mikael Gotlib

Program Director at Fjord / Accenture

I have known Christopher on a professional and social level for seven years. He is a very dedicated and conscientious individual and would recommend him as a reliable and pleasant business associate.
I have high expectations in Christopher and wish him all the very best

Laura Ridgeway

Director at Ridgeway Clarke

Lets Connect

 You won’t find me on Facebook, I’m on Linkedin, or feel free to send me a message below if you need my expertise to help you on a project or idea that you are passionate about.